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My name is Dimitri Harris and I have been building frames for over 9 years now. I learned the basics after spending two weeks with Koichi Yamaguchi. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am thankful to have worked with him. Since then I have just been building one frame after another and learning as much as possible along the way. I build steel fillet-brazed frames that go by the name of MEECH, which is an old nickname that I have had since I was a kid. I build mostly cyclocross frames because I love their versatility however I also do road,single-speed, and mountain bikes as well. Custom frames start around $1400. All the frames are handmade by me here in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I am insured and guarantee all of my work so if you are in the market for a custom steel frame I would be glad to build it for you. I am also building frames from carbon fiber so if you would like to ride a prototype frame give me a shout. Thanks for stopping by. You can email me at meech151@hotmail.com or call (870)897-6703 or visit www.meechcustombicycles.com Thanks.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anthony Moat's Custom Cross Frame

Anthony's cross frame has been finished for quite a while now but I just got around to getting some pics of it.  All I can say is I love it from the front dropouts to the rear dropouts.  Anthony is a local Arkansas rider/racer from Russellville, a white-water lover, ice-climber I believe, as well a member of the U.S. military. I wanted to make him the best frame possible, like I do for  everyone else, and make it fit his style and persona.  I'm not sure but I think he may be the first military member that I've built a frame for.  It was an honor to work with him on this build and I just wanted him to know that I appreciate the work he does.  I'm gonna shut up now and just let the pictures do the talking.

This is the first stainless steel head badge that I've used.  Revolution Cycle Jewelry, go check it out.

I like the way the flag is reflecting off of the down tube in this photo.  
Thanks for the opportunity Anthony, enjoy the ride.

Anthony at play.

From the two pictures above it is obvious that Anthony doesn't mind getting a little wet however in this photo here he clearly doesn't want to get his first MEECH wet.  Don't worry brother, it won't hurt it.  Could've used a kayak at this race.

MEECH Custom Bicycles
handmade in 
Mountain Home, Arkansas

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tour Podium

Congratulations are in order for Chris Froome, the winner of the 100th edition of the Tour de France.  He pretty much dominated the race from beginning to end with no more than a couple of scratches on his armour.  Even though I like Alberto Contador more as a rider and I was rooting for him, I was happy for Chris Froome and to also see all fresh faces on the podium.  I got tired of everyone hounding Froome about doping, I still think he's clean, he was just a little stronger (ok, alot stronger) than everyone else.  He seems pretty genuine and said that his yellow jersey will stand the test of time.  It would be cool if everything in cycling got kinda cleaned up.  I enjoyed watching Nairo Quintana collect a couple of jerseys, white and polka-dot.  Its probably not often that a country like Columbia has a real hero like him.  Man he's a little dude.  Wonder what size frame he rides?  He could drop most people riding up a mountain with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  Joaquin Rodriquez looked like a no-show at this year's tour but came up from the depths in the last week to get the final podium spot. He seems like a pretty good dude however I don't think his kids belong on the Tour podium, I think it should just be for the racers.  I'd like to see him win a 3-week tour, it may be this year's Vuelta.

Ok, I must admit that I screwed up in one of my earlier posts when I said something to the nature that the Tour de France was the most boring of the 3 tours.  I think I was a bit disappointed that the race seemed to be over so quick.  Chris Froome made it look easy however the Tour is not a boring event.  Someone who was actually in the race would probably smack me across the lips if they heard me say that.  Its easy to call it boring when you're sitting on the couch with quac and chips screaming, "ATTACK, ATTACK!"  But the truth of the matter is, its the biggest bike race in the world and this year's race was a really special one.  The racing wasn't that bad (no different than any other year really according to Peter Sagan).  It was better than last year when Bradley Wiggins basically just bought a train ticket to Paris and said, "... and give me the long, scenic route you cunt."  For what its worth, I like Wiggo.  On occasion he wears that British punk rock hairdo and he has that "F the media" attitude, which I really like.  What really surprised me this year was the ending ceremonies.  I normally don't pay much attention to stuff like that but they outdid themselves for this edition.  The light show was exceptional.  I thought it was super-cool and I while I've never been that interested in Paris I couldn't help but to think that I wanted to be there, and maybe one day I'll go.  I avoid hectic, overcrowded events at all costs however it would be a great moment if I could make it over there.

How many races have you been to where they break out the Air Force.  This is basically the only time that France uses their military jets.  Its the biggest bicycle race in the world, 21 days of racing across an entire country, and the racers go through more than they ever have in their entire careers.  To say its boring was a big mistake on my part.  I've had to eat so much crow that I've actually got a pretty good recipe for it now.  The first thing you do is don't remove the feathers.  That makes it really hard to swallow and it makes you look stupid for a longer period of time with all those black feathers poking out of your mouth.  Anyway, I'm always a little sad when the Tour de France ends, mainly because I'm out of quacamole and cherry limeaid, but also because I know that the next day when I wake up there is no race to watch.   While I was watching the podium ceremonies I was trying to imagine what it would be like, not just to be there watching (which would be great), but to also be standing on a podium in front of the world because you just won or placed in the biggest bike race in the world.  You can't imagine something like but its fun to try.  And after you do, then think about how you'd feel if you had won the race and everybody just kept trying to tear you down with accusations.  Nobody deserves that.  So congrats to Chris Froome!  I hope he's clean.

Just wanted to say that I got these photos from www.velonews.com.  They probably get tired of people like me stealing their pictures but i have no other way of getting good photos from pro races so I hope they don't mind too much.  I read velonews on a daily basis because its good stuff.  

Wait!  I do have one of my own photos from this year's tour, its not mine but its one taken by Steve Jauch, who took his MEECH over to France and spent a few days climbing.  Let me get it.
Here you go.  A true photo of Peter Sagan taken by a true fan of cycling and the Tour de France, none other than Steve Jauch.  Steve was my inside connection to this year's Tour and for letting me use this photo I'm gonna send him a MEECH jersey.  This is a great photo and Velonews couldn't have done it any better. Thanks Steve!  You might get a job offer out of this.

Thanks for checking things out.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Mega Avalanche DH Bike Race Glacier Section from Iago Garay - filme...

A buddy of mine posted this on FB and thought I'd share it.

Mega Avalanche - Megavalanche 2010 Alpe d'Huez - SR Suntour - Bike Even...

Here is a bit different take on Alpe d'Huez.

S3 Makeover

It took me longer than I wanted but I finally got me a road bike built up.  I've been riding a cross bike for right at a year, and it was kind of wearing on me.  The top tube of the cross bike was just a little longer than I was accustomed to and while I got used to it sometimes it would give me a little lower back pain.  All I needed to do was order a shorter stem ("...or build one dork.") but I never seemed to get around to it.  I kept thinking I would be on a road bike before March and it didn't happen.  This is my old S3 frame that has been laying around unattended to for a while now.  It was all black and white and that caused another delay as I was sick of looking at just black and white.  I wanted something fresh.  Seemed like I was always painting everyone else's frame with all these cool paint schemes and mine was just black and white.  If I had to pick one color, or one color scheme for MEECH bicycles, it would have to be black and yellow.  I grew up loving motocross bikes and while they all had cool colors I always favored the black and yellow of Suzuki and Yamaha.  Also something that has been etched into my brain for the last couple of years is a bit of safety.  Most people probably wouldn't think that a helmetless rider would be concerned about safety but if I can do a little something to become more visible to traffic I'll do it, after all, who wants to get hit when they're not wearing a helmet. I've always felt better when I had something like my trusty yellow wind/rain vest on but I'm not gonna wear that on hot summer days, so I normally throw on a MEECH cycling cap which is yellow and the jerseys have a fair amount of yellow on them as well, although I don't wear my own jersey every day.  I doubt that a driver sees much of a bicycle when they're coming up behind you at 50 mph but a little bit of yellow goes a long way.  I actually think that a yellow frame stands out quite a bit, so much so that I actually feel safer on a yellow frame.  If the whole world was riding on yellow frames I imagine people would get pretty sick of it but since I've been building frames I've noticed that there really isn't that many out there.  The Look KG171 was one of the first bike frames that caught my attention when I started looking at road bikes years ago and it was yellow.  Its actually one of the few yellow frames I can remember, I'm sure there are others.  Anyway, yellow and black is my favorite because its visible and looks racey but for some reason the last couple of months I had envisioned a frame painted in yellow and gold just to do something a bit unique and so thats what I went with on my frame. "So how do you like it D?"  Well, I like it ok but it didn't quite pop  like I had envisioned.  It turned out more subtle than racey, which was what i was going for, racey that is.  I did throw in a few red accents in order to give it a little something extra and that helps although it probably would have looked better had I gone with just yellow/red or yellow/black.  It doesn't matter, I just needed to get off of that cross bike. Before I painted this thing yellow I had actually come up with some idea that I thought would be cool/unique and when I got done it was horrendous.  It was so bad that even though I was dying to ride I wouldn't build the frame up until it was repainted.  It may have been the worst paint scheme ever on a bike.  I was gonna take a picture but I had it sanded down and reprimed before you could say "biciciclismo". I can't even describe what I was trying to do with that scheme but the lesson was learned.  I've been making a fair amount of progress with my painting here lately and all I can say is that I tried to outdo myself and I washed out hard, no, I endowed, but luckily it was on the back side of the track where no one could see it.  "Step back, take a breath, and try again."  This is it, at least for a while (probably two years).

After I finished the fork I was stoked with the color but there really isn't that much gold on the rest of the frame, as I was wanting mainly yellow anyway for the visibility reasons.  As good as the fork looks in this photo, when you inspect it really close up there are some tiny pin holes that popped up through the clear coat that I have no idea how it happened.  I didn't see them after the primer was shot and I didn't see anything after the paint either, but as soon as I finished clear-coating it they immediately stood out.  I didn't like it all and contemplated repainting the fork but I just wanted to ride so bad I said, "screw it!"  If it had been a customer's frame i would have reshot it but since it was mine I didn't worry about it. It only shows up when the light hits it at certain angles and like my friend Bob Davis always says, "At 100 mph, nobody will ever see it."  

You can see here how the light kind of fades out the gold making it less visible.  It would've been much better if the gold would've had a black outline.  Maybe next time, solid black letters work way better.

I found some Campy Super Record cranks so cheap that I couldn't pass them up.  I've had a lot of the Record componenets but this is the first Super Record.  These go  much faster because they're super.  Does anyone make Super Wheels?  This frame is built up with a mix of Super Record, Record, and mainly Chorus components. I went with the compact style which is also a first for me.  It feels really good on all the hills around here but spins out pretty easy on the downhills.  I had only ridden a compact crank one time in my life just a few months ago when I took my buddy's (Yancey's Cannondale EVO) bike for a spin.  I didn't notice a whole lot of difference then however I can feel it now.  I basically feel like I only have 10 gears now, if that, but hopefully I'll get used to it.  I've been riding a 53/39, 177.5 mm crankset forever so this 50/34 175 mm is gonna take some time.  On flat roads I figure I'll be down to 5 gears, then when you take into account that I seldom use the biggest cog or the smallest cog because of chainline issues that brings me to a grand total of 3 gears.  I had as many options on my Free Spirit 3-speed and that came with a car-like gear shifter on the top tube.  I think those should be mandatory in Tour de France sprints.  Oh well, I guess i can always throw the 177.5's back on when I can take it no more.  With the 53/39 I always had a couple of gears that I never really used because they're pretty tough to push, it made you feel like you still had places to go that you'd never been.  With the 50/34 I basically feel like I'm riding a mountain bike on the road and we know how miserable that is.  I'll give it some time.  Are you getting tired of reading numbers?  Want more? How's this?  3.1416 cosine/99991 squared for 17.56mm of the last kilometer multiplied times a finish line that sits 4.818 meters high and a Orica team bus that is 4.828 meters tall going 6 kph with a 3.7 cubic inch air conditioning system sitting on the top.  Whats that equal? Now add 2.

New cassette also, 12-27.  "What're you doing, moving to Columbia?" I don't know, it was a bit excessive.  Actually I'm just trying to get up my driveway. Wonder what their return policies are?  I threw that KMC Gold chain on there for an added touch and to try something different.  Its one of those chains with a master-link that is supposedly easy to remove for cleaning but after having to apply way more pressure than I imagined in order to get it on there is no way its coming off without a new tool.  As far as I can tell it couldn't be any more secure if I had brazed it together.  It feels good and shifts fine for the two rides I've been on.  We'll see how it holds up.

One of my trusty Avocet O2 saddles and a pre-ENVE (EDGE) seatpost.
Red stem to match.  You don't find many red stems, this is an old Ritchey WCS that I've had and i painted a while back.  I had planned to paint it yellow and run my yellow Avocet saddle but the saddle had kind of an orange color to it and it didn't match the frame very well.  Ok, now I'm being a real dork, trying to match this to that and that to this.  "Why don't you just SHUP UT (typo) already and go ride your bike!"  I just don't work hard at trying to make all my bike components match one another, I work hard at trying to make my bike parts match but at the same time not match one another.  See the difference?  I'm a super-dork.  They should have a special class at the crit races for guys like me and they should make us wear cone-shaped helmets with tassles and short shorts with tube socks, maybe a see-through mesh jersey.  I would make the prize purse no less than $10,000.  Levi Leipheimer might show up for that one.

These Campy Pro-Fit pedals are either 11 or 13 years old.  I have two pair and after that much time you can't tell them apart.  The other pair is on my wife's bike, whom I must really trust to let her use them because i would think twice about loaning them to Jesus.  Just kidding. I would loan them to Jesus but he's gonna have to put something down on the table as collateral.  Hhhmmmm, what could it be?  I know, he'll have to ride one of my bikes, afterall, these are the best pedals ever made.  Put them in my casket when I die.  And remember, don't shut the lid (it freaks me out), out past the breakers, sunscreen, and Oakley Zero's.  Got it?  Check out those divots.  "What'd you use on them a pitching wedge?"

At this angle it's a little more visible but I'm glad I didn't go with that first shade of gold I was thinking about or you wouldn't see it at all.  It is what it is.  I'm in need of some new wheels badly.  I want some super-wheels. I bought these Ksyrium ES'es as soon as they hit the streets, how old are they?  It rolls.  It actually felt like home as soon as I got on it but with those compact cranks on it I'm afraid its gonna be a haunted house.  I'm out, gonna go riding. Chao amigos.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Product Review-Giro LX Gloves and Pro-Light Shoes

I'm gonna do a product review.  "What?"  Yep, why not.  The reason is the other day I went into the laundry room where I keep all my riding stuff and when I went to pick up my gloves I just sort of stared at them for a while.  There wasn't anything different about them from any other day, but they looked so bad on this day that they just sort hypnotized me for a bit. They were sitting there a wadded up mess with a crusty, dryed-cement look to them and they wreaked so bad I didn't want to put them on any more.  I was disappointed.  Why?  Because I don't buy alot of riding apparel these days and when I do I use it for a long time before getting new stuff, unless it tears up.  I normally try to buy good stuff for this reason. I've got winter riding jackets that are 10+ years old, my helmet is the last helmet I bought back when I was still racing the first go-round (13 years ago), and I normally wear my shoes a minimum of 5 years.  I've been wearing my current DMTs probably closer to seven.  I hate breaking in new shoes, especially since the DMTs took about 6 months to get broken in real good. They were made using some unusual material, almost like plastic. They feel good now, like they're molded to my foot, but the sole is coming off at the heel and so it was time to toss them.  Back to the gloves.

I started looking at gloves and these Giro LX gloves stood out at me because I've always been a fan of that natural color, I use to run that Cinelli natural bar tape all the time because I was a fan of the way it looks.  Anyway, these gloves looked really cool but they were pretty expensive, like 60 bucks, kind of high for gloves but they looked so good and since they were Giro I figured that they were  some of the best as normally Giro makes good stuff.  Actually I had never owned anything Giro except helmets because that was all they made before breaking into other stuff a few years ago. I read about them a little bit and figured I would be wearing these 'so cool' gloves for years to come since they were made of top-grain leather and so I bit the bullet and paid the price, unfortunately I actually did pay the price.  I remember the first time I wore them (no photo), they were beautiful and soft and the padding felt so good, my hands thought they were in glove heaven.  I felt like I had discovered something big, like a new band or something.  An hour later the sweat starting changing the color of them to this milk chocolate brown and it was slowly spreading around the gloves like lava across the landscape.  "Should've bought black I said to myself."  They didn't look cool anymore but I figured they would dry back to their original color and everything would be ok, this was some high-tech leather right?  No it wasn't, and they didn't.  From day 2 on they were
 2-tone/3-tone brown gloves, but I continued to wear them because they still felt good and looked pretty solid.  That didn't last long either.  The dryed sweat from day-in day-out riding starting breaking down the leather and it started stretching and tearing.  Turns out that this was no special leather like I had imagined and I realized that a cow's arse is just a cow's arse and they haven't evolved much over the years, not to mention that the sweaty stinch just gets embedded into the leather and you can't get it out. It kinda smells like...well, a cow's arse. I tried washing it out to no avail, its there for good.  To be fair to Giro, I didn't give these gloves any special treatment.  No special cleaning care or oiling was given to them.  Who has time to waste on glove care, I only lube my chain once a week, if that.  So anyway, these are fixing to go in the garbage.  I've had them almost a year but I didn't wear them during the winter so I will be generous and say they lasted 6 months.  Thats nothing to me.  Sorry Giro, these gloves stink, really stink, and I would not recommend them to anyone.  They are worth $60 bucks for about one ride. 

You can see how they just tore away from my hand.  Once again, I did not give these gloves special treatment.  Maybe I should have read the instructions or something but I just took them out of the package and went riding because thats the way I've always done it with other gloves.

"Man, you got some hairy arms brother."  You don't even want to see the rest of me.  I like the hair pattern that I have on the front of my body, its consistent and uniform, but the problem is that I have that same exact pattern on the back of my body.  I hate shaving.  The last time I did the state trial I actually shaved my arm hair.  It didn't help any.

"You had the nerve to go buy some Giro shoes after that glove experience?"  I've got lots of nerve, truth is I bought these shoes back in late winter before the gloves had completely fallen apart but I would have probably tried them out anyway as I read about them quite a bit and I felt comfortable giving it a shot.  Notice I bought black this time.  

I think the shoes are gonna be ok.  I'm gonna make this review short as I've only worn them for one day and I'm missing the final mountain day of the Tour.  They feel really good, kinda like they are already broken in, or at the least, it won't take long to get them broken in.  They come with different insoles so you can dial them in to your foot type and you also get a little bag to put them in if you're one of those people that carries your shoes around in a bag.
The Easton carbon soles are a nice touch also.  Only problem I've had is that it feels like I can't get the cleat far enough forward.  It sort of feels like the cleat is behind the ball of my foot but I tend to ride more toward my toes so I should get used to it with some time.  "Dance on those pedals boy!"  I'll let you know if they start falling apart but I feel like these are gonna be ok.  Let's hope.  Oh, yeah, almost forgot, they're light.  So freaking light that I had to put weights in the toe of them just to hold them down on the table for the photo. Alright, I'm outta here to go watch the end of the Tour.  Its all for second place now but hopefully it will be a good race.  Chao amigos.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tour Update-Its over now, right?

Today Chris Froome won the stage 17 time trial by 8 or 9 seconds over Alberto Contador.  Even though everything makes this tour appear to be over, and I thought it was probably over quite a while back, I'm not so sure it is.  I do believe that Froome is without a doubt the strongest rider in this tour but if fatigue happens to set in on one of these mountain stages coming up he could be in trouble.  Contador is obviously getting stronger and even though he himself has admitted that Froome is the strongest he won't quit trying to win. He cracked Joaquim Rodriguez on the second to last day in la Vuelta.  All I'm saying is that with the Alp d'Huez double-climb coming up it could be a really bad day for Chris Froome should he have one of those moments.  Meanwhile, one of my favorite riders, Roman Kreuziger, has ridden himself up into third place by just working for Contador.  Not a bad place to be for someone hired to work for the man.  I hope he can hold his place all the way to Paris.

In regards to Alberto Contador, whether you love him or hate him he makes the grand tours much more exciting.  He goes for it all the way to the end and Froome has got to be begging for this tour to end.  Its just now getting good.  Just for the record I think Froome is riding clean even though he does make it look like he's not.  Win or lose I wish him well.

Here is a little quote by Bjarne Riss about the dangerous descent coming up.  I admit I hate wet descents but I love this comment.  

“Listen, riders have been going down dangerous descents one thousand times before. They must hit the brakes and be careful,” Saxo boss Bjarne Riis told reporters. “This is a bike race; it’s not some Sunday morning grandma trip. They have to learn how to race their bikes and stop complaining.”

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Work

Just finished doing a little clean-up work on Anthony's cross frame getting it prepped to shoot some primer.  Actually I shot the primer last night and only need to sand it down a bit before shooting the paint.  Don't have much time to talk this morning as I have to be at work here shortly so I'm just gonna let the photos do the talking.

I've been using these beefy chain stays on my last few frames because they are... well beefy.  Try and flex them.  They're nice.

I'll be off for a couple of days after today and hopefully this thing will be painted.  Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Steve's Road Racer

Here is a quick pic of a frame you may remember me posting a while back.  Steve just recently finished building up his frame with some new Campy Chorus 11, one of my favorites, and a Nuevation wheelset.  I believe he also added some FSA bars and a Thompson seatpost to finish it up and it turned out beautiful.  Nice build! Thanks for the photo and the opportunity Steve.  Can't wait for the ride review. Have a good ride.

MEECH Custom Bicycles
handmade in 
Mountain Home, Arkansas

Friday, July 12, 2013

Scratch That.

Just eight hours ago I was babbling about how the Tour de France is boring and that it pretty much looks to be over and then i come home from work to find out that on one of the flattest and most boring looking stages of this year's tour, Alberto Contador and the Saxo boys put the hammer down in a crosswind and took over a minute out of Froome.  Valverde, who was in second and having his best Tour de France ever was caught out on a wheel change and lost something like 7-8 minutes.  Bad day for Movie Star?  I would say yes.  Now Saxo have Contador and Kreuziger in the top 5, and Team Belkin also have 2 riders in the top 5, Bauke Mollema in 2nd and Laurens Ten Dam is in 5th I believe.  Ten Dam is such a cool name.  Thats almost as good as Moto Jam.  Can they beat Froome?  I still kind of doubt it, however things are looking up for Contador and company.  They have cards to play. I'm just happy that some excitement was injected into the race.  I didn't want to spend the next week watching to see who's fighting for second and third.

Mark Cavendish got a little self redemption after getting pee'd on (builds character) as he was in the winning break and easily outsprinted Peter Sagan and the rest of the guys for the stage win. Feel better Mark?  

"Why yes, yes I do feel better."  

I would imagine that after a long shower and a Stage win in the Tour de France he'll be back on track, not to mention pissed off.  Get it?  Pissed off, after getting pissed on.  I crack myself up sometimes, I'm not funny though.  My grandmother once told me that.  She said, "Boy, you ain't funny."  On another occasion she told me I wasn't special.  She said, " Boy, you ain't special."

Just wanted to add that these photos are courtesy of Velonews.com
What a great online magazine. ;)

Well, now I can't wait for the fireworks to start this weekend.  I think Ventoux is on Sunday so we'll get an idea of who has the momentum going into the final week.  Thanks for stopping by.  Good riding!

Le Tour

Chris Froome has pretty much dominated the Tour thus far and he's making it look like its over.  He definitely looks much stronger than the rest and its hard to imagine anyone can overtake him without him having a bad day.  There are some hard days to come so I'm sure we're gonna see some attacks so I'm hopeful that the race will come around because so far its been as boring as last year.  I'm starting to realize that the Tour de France, being the biggest bike race/tour in the world is also the most boring of the three tours, although the year that Cadel won it was interesting right up until the finish.  Lots of times it seems like the Tour is over by the tenth stage.  So far the most interesting day was Stage 1 when the bus got stuck under the finish line.  How sad is that?  Mark Cavendish seems to be quite popular this year. Everybody seems to think he took Veelers out but I didn't see it like that.  I thought Veelers drifted into Cav's line and that Cavendish didn't have a choice but to stiffen up and lean back into him.  I'm sure it will be debated forever.  Could "the Manxster" have gone a little easier on Veelers, probably, but when you're going all out at 40+ mph and someone impedes your progression...well, who cares, they're sprinters, let them fight it out amongst themselves. If you pay close attention you will see that Veelers is taking a look backwards about 1 second before the incident takes place.  Only saying that what kind of a pro decides to look back  when you're going over 40 mph and you're in the front five riders.  Sounds like a Cat 4 move to me.  Actually most of the Cat 4 riders I've ridden with were smarter than to look backwards in a sprint finish, but its all open to interpretation.   Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlBWnTPwmgI

 The "missle" got pee'd on during his time trial and that is just wrong.  Nothing like suffering at your max and having some corn nut throw urine on you.  That clown deserves a beating in my book.  Since Cavendish didn't need to worry about his time trial time he should've just stopped and went back and wrecked the guy's face.  Umm, maybe not.  Have you seen Mark Cavendish?  He's only about the size of a Mounds bar, that being one Mounds bar, there are two in the package.  I love it when Cav wins a stage and stands on the top step of the podium and the trophy girls are still taller than he is and they're standing on the floor.  Anyway, I like Cavendish.  I like him because of an interview I read about him once.  Apparently he unplugs everything in his house when he leaves because he's scared of a fire burning it down.  I don't go that far but I can relate.  I really liked his response to the interviewer when he was asked about this.  He replied,

"...what looks more stupid, unplugging everything in my house or coming home to a burned down house?"  

Now this is what I'm talking about.  Instead of just making boring conversation about some tour in France how about going over there and doing one yourself.  Thats what Steve Jauch has done the last couple of years. Between last year's trip and this year's trip it looks like Steve has climbed about half the mountains in France.  This is too cool.  Love it!  Thanks for riding a MEECH!

This MEECH deserves a rest once in a while.

This is the pilot, Steve Jauch.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a good weekend.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Steve Jauch's MEECH in France Again

You know how watching the Tour makes you want to go and ride your bike?  Steve Jauch has packed his MEECH up the last two years and headed over to France to do his own tour.  Steve wears this bike out and i love it.  When I see pictures like this it just makes my day. Thanks Steve!  Enjoy the countryside over there.

Might as well take a moment and say thanks to all the other MEECH riders out there as well.  Thanks guys!  You're making a dream come true.

Vive le Tour!
These are from last year's visit.