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My name is Dimitri Harris and I have been building frames for over 9 years now. I learned the basics after spending two weeks with Koichi Yamaguchi. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am thankful to have worked with him. Since then I have just been building one frame after another and learning as much as possible along the way. I build steel fillet-brazed frames that go by the name of MEECH, which is an old nickname that I have had since I was a kid. I build mostly cyclocross frames because I love their versatility however I also do road,single-speed, and mountain bikes as well. Custom frames start around $1400. All the frames are handmade by me here in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I am insured and guarantee all of my work so if you are in the market for a custom steel frame I would be glad to build it for you. I am also building frames from carbon fiber so if you would like to ride a prototype frame give me a shout. Thanks for stopping by. You can email me at meech151@hotmail.com or call (870)897-6703 or visit www.meechcustombicycles.com Thanks.

Friday, February 26, 2010

YouTube - Parkour and FreeRunning

YouTube - Parkour and FreeRunning
Here is a little clip of a sport, I guess its a sport, of something called Parkour. Its where you just use your body and the natural surrounding to overcome obstacles and perform stunts. I was turned on to it by the reverend from the church we attend on occassion. His sermons are killer. One Sunday he made reference to Led Zeppelin and Guns n Roses. You're probably thinking its some hippy-cult church, its First United Methodist. Anyway, these cats (literally cat-people), basically Danny MacAskill without his bike, are getting their fix on. How hard can it be? You tell me, my knees are shot just looking at it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craig Winnie's Custom 'Cross Frame

Here is the upstart of one of the most customised frames I have built yet. We are starting out with a little super-light S3 on the down and top tubes, the seat tube is a little beefier as we are gonna put a custom seat mast on. I'll be posting the build as I go so stay tuned. Man, I can't wait for warmer weather. My shop is always about 10 degrees warmer than the outside temp. so in all this 20 degree crap my shop is like, umm, well I don't know but its damn cold. Enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Freestyle Cyclocross

Here is a photo from the Texas 'Cross Championships. MEECH factory rider Larry Yancey won his division but thats not the coolest part, in this particular section while every one else was getting off their bike and jumping over the barrier Larry was bunny-hopping it and doing a Nac-Nac. Larry doesn't do much except for riding and talking and most of the time he just lets his riding do his talking. Have fun with it. Ever Onward!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cutting Teeth

I was looking at my old Photobucket album, which is all I had at the time to show my frames,
and was checking out the first few frames that I built and thought I would post them. Included in these photos are the very first frame I built at the Yamaguchi Frame School (the gold one which I am riding right now), the very first cross bike I built by myself ( the white one that Larry abuses on a regular basis), and a couple of others. Larry didn't even know what cyclocross was in this photo. He said, "What do I want with an old 10-speed with skinny mountain bike tires?" Now he has a couple of state championships on it and is training for the World Cyclocross Championships when it comes to Kentucky in a couple of years. I want to have as many MEECHs there as I can have, so start training cause its gonna be the world's biggest pain party. Gonna be drinking fruit punch flavored gasoline and slappin tigers for that one. All these frames are still rollin, eating up the miles on a daily basis and thats the greatest compliment I can have. Stick around, your gonna like the next build. C'ya.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

YouTube - Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009

YouTube - Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009
Don't forget about this guy, he may be the best bicycle rider ever. I'm all sure he is seeing things that you and I can't see and I doubt he pays much attention to the Tour. When someone shows me somebody that can ride better than this guy I will replace him, until then, enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

650B Belt-Drive #2

Here is a photo of the second 650B mountain bike that I am finishing up. It also is built to accommodate a belt-driven drivetrain. I never intended to build any mountain bikes but after someone gave me the chance to build them one I took it. It was an interesting and unique build for a new builder like myself and after having someone test it out and like the way it rides it made me a little more comfortable with this build. Everything has gone pretty smooth on this one except that after bending the chain stays I realized that the method I used had left 2 little indentations in each one so I had to fill them in with a little brass and sand them down and they're good to go. If everything went perfect it wouldn't be frame building and because of that little mistake someone is gonna get a sweet deal, I'll even add a couple of years to the warranty. After I finish brazing up a frame I put in back in the jig and put a little heat on all the joints this way it cools down perfectly straight and it limits the amount of cold-setting I have to do. When I first started frame building I just assumed that my high-dollar carbon race frame was perfectly straight but after putting it on my alignment table I realized the center line was about 4mm off on the seat tube, I was really surprised, and happy, because my frames are much straighter. Hopefully not all production frames are off that much, regardless, a well-built handmade frame is better. Enjoy.