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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Good Article on Discs vs. Cantilever on Cross Bikes


If I raced enough cross races(or any races) to have an opinion about this I would give you mine however I don't.  When Yancey and I talk about this we always end up saying that its not slowing down that we have trouble with, its going faster.  One thing I would like to say is that I hope an industry standard doesn't decide this for us.  I think it will be really neat if the industry continues to offer us both options, and continues to innovate both options, so that the individual can choose to their own liking.  I'm all sure that there are plenty of situations that could favor either type of brake but it would be real interesting to watch pro caliber racers (and amateurs) have a continual battle of the brakes.  Not only that, but they may sell more bikes if they play their cards right.  Some racers like to have one of everything for any situation that may arise.

Its TEAM CANTILEVER vs. TEAM DISC all across the world. Its a whole other reason to start watching more cross racing.  Maybe people would just start jumping into the cross scene just because they want to ride for one team or the other.  Each side would become an army, growing in numbers, recruiting new members, salaries would skyrocket out of control. It would turn into the battle of the century and the presidential race would just be some event that nobody cared about, unless, the candidates were racing cyclocross.  Ooooohhh!  Now we're racing.  Then we could say things like, "That pussy can't run a country much less ride a cross bike."  Then the future presidential candidates would become younger and tougher, more macho, cause it takes a badass to race cross.  Instead of seeing these news clips of people like Bill Clinton stopping by Mickey D's during his morning jog we would be seeing images of a president bunny-hopping barriers and crashing, we would get to see what kind of man they really were.  Nothing against ole Bill, he's a man who knew how to get things taken care of if you know what I mean. 

  I have one story about myself and Bill Clinton. 
 I was in the 5th grade and and our class went on a field trip to the state capitol when ol' Bill was the governor of Arkansas.  He was a young buck back then, about 32 years old with thick, brown, shaggy 70's hair, he looked like a swinger to me with all those swanky clothes that everyone was wearing back then. So after the grand tour of all the Arkansas history we all went in a big room and Gov. Clinton came in and started greeting us all, shaking our hands and high-fiving us.  Don't ask me how but somehow I managed to get out of the house that morning with my Linda Carter "Wonderwoman" t-shirt on without my mom catching it. I must've had a jacket over it or something cause she never would let me wear that thing to school much less to the state capitol to meet the governor, por Dios.  That shirt was reserved for weekends only.  My t-shirt was from that 70's era of Farrah Fawcett and Charlie's Angels, remember that?  It had a sexy Linda Carter wearing her skimpy little Wonder Woman outfit showing a little leg and cheek with that magic gold rope hanging on her side. My whole bedroom back then was decorated in posters of nothing but dirt bikes and Farrah Fawcett riding a skateboard in a bikini. So anyway, when it came my turn to shake ol' Bill's hand he took my hand and looked at me with that big ole Bill Clinton grin and said, "I sure do  like your t-shirt young man." And the rest is history.

Another president story that I always thought was funny was the one about George W. taking the Tour de France bike that Lance Armstrong gifted him and instead of hanging it on the wall or putting it in some kind of safe haven for showing off, Georgie decided to take it on Air Force One and stick it on his trainer so he could get in a few miles while flying around the world.  Now thats a hardcore cycling enthusiast, flying and riding at the same time.  I bet he was probably wearing one of Lance's signed yellow jerseys and drinking from the same water bottle too.  You think old "W" may have tried some EPO?  Who knows, I mean he was hitting the trails with Armstrong there for a while.  This calls for another billion dollar investigation.  Go check it out boyz, lets get to the bottom of this. Bill Clinton in the White House eating a Big Mac while swanking out with a young intern, George W. on Air Force One pretending he's winning the Tour on Lance Armstrong's bike, and President Obama, who looks to be pretty fit and would probably make a pretty solid cyclist, would rather just have a cigarette and make some homemade brew.  I can't help but to like all of them.  All you can really say is, God Bless America.

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