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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Giro de Italia

The Giro has the first week behind it and today should start heating up a bit with the first uphill finish.  I believe today's stage is a little over 200k, from Recanati-Rocca di Cambio, two places that I have no knowledge of whatsoever because I've never been to Italy.  This years Giro has 2 of my favorite riders in place for overall contention.  I've been a fan of Roman Kreuziger for a handful of years now and he's just about do-up for a podium in a grand tour.  And you gotta like Ryder Hesjedal, ex-mountain biker who just never quits pushing and seems to excel in the toughest conditions.  While these guys aren't quite ready for the top step of the Tour podium they are good grand tour riders right on the edge of breaking through.  Dig in cause the dig is on.

"Ryder" is such a great name for a bike racer, but if I ever have a kid I'm gonna go with "Moto", and for their nickname I'm gonna just call'em "Wheels." 
"Ryder Moto Wheels" is an excellent name.  Yeah, Ryder Moto Wheels Harris it is.

Man, I don't see either Kreuziger or Hesjedal in this race.  Oh well, lets watch it anyway.

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