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My name is Dimitri Harris and I have been building frames for over 9 years now. I learned the basics after spending two weeks with Koichi Yamaguchi. He is one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am thankful to have worked with him. Since then I have just been building one frame after another and learning as much as possible along the way. I build steel fillet-brazed frames that go by the name of MEECH, which is an old nickname that I have had since I was a kid. I build mostly cyclocross frames because I love their versatility however I also do road,single-speed, and mountain bikes as well. Custom frames start around $1400. All the frames are handmade by me here in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I am insured and guarantee all of my work so if you are in the market for a custom steel frame I would be glad to build it for you. I am also building frames from carbon fiber so if you would like to ride a prototype frame give me a shout. Thanks for stopping by. You can email me at meech151@hotmail.com or call (870)897-6703 or visit www.meechcustombicycles.com Thanks.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lets Paint

Finally got the chance to finish up Steve's road frame.  Actually its been done for a couple of days but I'm just now getting around to shooting some photos.  The weather has been kind of crappy these last few days but I'm thinking we may be on our way to some nicer weather.  I'm no weatherman but I'm just trying to be optimistic, afterall its nearly April.  I've seen snow in April before but I'm hoping I don't ever again (fingers are crossed).  I've got a few errands to go run so I'm gonna have to finish this post up later, so meech ya back here in a couple of hours.  Get it? MEECH ya.  Hasta luego amigos.

Alright, I'm back.  It was a little longer than I anticipated.  I decided to go to bed and finish this up this morning.  Yesterday was a pretty day albeit a bit cold.  I had planned on going for a short ride but after working out in the garage all day I bailed on the idea in hopes that today would be a bit warmer.  Basically I wussed.  My riding habits can be a bit strange.  Sometimes it can be a beautiful day and I just won't have it in me to go ride, and then there will be a day thats in the 30's, windy, and snowing and I'll go ride., like a couple of days ago.  I use to really like riding, and still do sometimes, on days when its in the 40's and misting rain.  I'm not sure why but years ago I always seemed able to find a groove on days like that. If I could choose, I like hot, dry days, temperatures in the 90's (especially around the 4th of July, thats my favorite time of the year), wearing only a jersey, chamois and a cycling cap, oh yeah, shoes no socks.  I know...it funks up your shoes but its the way I prefer to ride.  I like the sun tanning my skin and the only wind is the wind that I'm creating.  Those are the days.  When I go back to Jonesboro during the summertime, around July, August, and September, its one of my favorite smells.

I haven't bored you guys with any backyard photoramas lately so here it is, I know you've been waiting patiently and I thank you.  Little head tube shot here, I know, no explanation needed.

This stem has seen a few miles.  It kinda looks like something has been chewing on it.  Its the stem I was running when I slammed into the back of a parked car on the highway.  My head went through the rear glass and my Scott CR1 broke in half.  I've told this story before so I'm gonna stop right there.  Back to Steve's frame.

Steve went with a bible verse for his custom frame serial number.  Psalms 112:7 was his choice.  It says, "They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the lord."  My favorite bible verse is Mark 11:23.  Its one of two that I have vaguely memorized and it roughly says, "For verily I say unto you, whosoever shall say unto the mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea; and doth not doubt but believeth in his heart that those things which he saith shall come to pass, this man shall have whatsover he saith."   I'm not sure if thats exactly right but its close.  The other verse that I have memorized is this one, and I'm not even sure which book its from but it roughly says, "It is not what goeth into thy mouth that hurteth man but what cometh out."   I know that may sound a little corny but I always remember that verse whenever I eat something that I'm not sure exactly what i ate, you know like at a Thai restaurant.  Just kidding Thai restaurant people...well sort of.  We actually have a really good Thai restaurant right here in Mountain Home.  I'll be honest with you, I'm not real big on Thai food, my wife loves it, I'm more of a Mediterranean/Mexican type person, but anyway this little place in town called Dusit has a dish called Garlic Seafood and I can't get enough of it.  It's one of my favorite dishes here in town.  Hats off.  If you're ever in town you should check it out.

I was pleased with this ovalized down tube.

Alright, enough bottom bracket shell pictures.

Beefy chain stays.  Flex 'em if you can.  Don't even try, you can't do it.

Little custom etching by Mark from Mainline awards.  He does the bb shells for me as well.  He's one cool dude.

Now thats tight, right?  "Do it right with Air-Tite" was my dad's slogan for his business.  I grew up working in the back and after my dad passed away I ran the business for about 9 years before deciding to move on.  It gave me alot of life experiences and my ability to pursue frame building.  Thanks dad!  And behind every good man is an even better woman so don't even think I would forget my mother, she's a rock.  Love ya mom!  She just had her 75th birthday.

This is Dizzy dog getting a little serious with a bone he found on his walk the other day.  It was from a deer carcus and it was his first big find and so I let him keep it.  Man he was proud, walking down the neighborhood streets with a big deer leg bone hanging out of his mouth like a big cigar.  All the other dogs were looking at him and he was like, "You want it but I got it."

Custom?  I was amazed at the complexity of this joint.  It almost looked like it was machined.  I started thinking that maybe this deer had a joint replacement or something and that this wasn't the original but it still had meat on it so I guess it was real.  I don't think Dizzy would be so interested if it was fake.  Nice touch to whoever made this.

ENVE has a cool logo.

I've been so ready to get into the paint booth.  Every since that little spell of warm weather a couple of weeks ago I've been itching to paint something and now its about to happen.  Thanks for checking things out come back to see the finished frame.  Chao.


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  2. I get this same exact comment on a pretty regular basis. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I'm guessing that English isn't you're first language and so you keep repeating this one phrase over and over, or, perhaps theres a hint of sarcasm in your comments, I'm not sure which. If you have limited English and would like to improve it I can help you out. If being sarcastic is your interest...well, I can probably still help you out. Regardless thanks for taking the time to check things out.

  3. well, i always enjoy reading your post! the body and boneage is an amazing thing and thats all down to Gods hands! nice to see your customer getting that psalm on his bottom bracket, i got psalm 91 0n my top tube. have a good easter and look forward to seeing this paint job.

    1. Thanks Daniel. Yeah, I'd like just a little bit of that creative power. Have a Happy Easter weekend and thanks for stopping by.