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Monday, December 10, 2012

Arkansas State Cyclocross Championships

The 2012 Arkansas State Cyclocross Championships went down yesterday in Little Rock out at Burns Park.  They had done a bunch of prep work on the track the day before only to have a big flash flood rain come in and submerge part of the course.  Did that scare anyone away?  Not these guys.  Little Rock was like a second home for me when I was racing and I know a bunch of these guys.  We have some great races and racers in Arkansas.  Just wanted to say that I stole most of these photos off of Arkansas Outsides facebook page or perhaps someone else's and I just wanted to say thanks for taking them.  Love those racing photos and I hope everyone gets their deserved credit for being there.

This is Anthony Moats of Russelville leading the pack here and he doesn't appear to be afraid of water.  This was a small river crossing here that the promoters threw in the course so that the riders could wash the mud off their shoes every lap. Thats one of the earlier MEECH cross frames that Anthony is carrying across the river.  He must not of wanted to get it dirty.  Haha, we know better than that.  I'm not gonna lie, I never really enjoyed conditions like this when I was racing.  I always preferred the dry hardpack stuff so I really envy all these guys who get out and lay it down out there.  Don't get me wrong though, when I went to a race I raced in whatever Mother Nature had in store for the day.  I'm not a puss, I just don't like things that slow me down.  I don't like having to clean my bike either.  Hey, just being honest with you guys.  

I'm not exactly sure who this is but I believe its a racer by the name of Keegan Knapp.  If I got that wrong I'm sorry.  Regardless, this is definitely a cross racer who appears to have been enjoying these conditions and my hat is off to him and the others.  Hope you had a good race brother.

Just Do It!  These are the guys who need to replace Lance in the Nike commercials.  Good job guys!

Anthony has been recovering from a pretty severe leg injury and I'm not sure the doctor would've approved of this extracurricular activity however I don't think anything can stop Anthony from doing what he wants to and he doesn't look to bad here,  I just wish he knew that mud is not gonna hurt that MEECH one bit.  I know its light and all but ride that thing dude! This is a cool photo.  Check out how the bike is perfectly parallel to the ground.  Do you know what that means?  I don't but I was just curious if anyone else did.  Anyway, ever onward as I always say.

This is Mike Suminski, one of my riding buddies from Jonesboro.  He's been getting into cross here the last couple of years and he doesn't appear to mind the conditions one bit.  Something appears to have his attention up ahead.  How does he stay so clean?

He looks to be pretty focused here and he's still clean.  Only problem with this photo is Mike is riding a Specialized bike while wearing a Cannondale jersey.  He could avoid all these contractual problems if he would just get on a MEECH.  One of these days I'm gonna get him on some good steel.  Its the real deal Jill.  Who is Jill?  Have no idea, I guess its Jack's girl.  Mike and Yancey train alot together in Jonesboro and are on the same team during the road season.  I sifted through about 500 photos this morning and couldn't find one of Yancey. I heard at one point he was completely underwater and was breathing through the vent holes that I put in the frame,  so I know he was there and somehow managed to get a first place in the Cat 2 race.  Lets see Rambo do that.  Thats what I like to hear.  Good job Larry, way to ride.  That will earn him a bonus with all the boys back at the factory.  We're gonna give him a free pass to the Dallas Karting Complex.  I bet you a Coke he has a big smile on his face right now.

Speaking of smiles, what is this?  This is 3-fanged Dizzy. The other day I looked in Dizzy's mouth and realized he had an extra fang.  Not sure if this is baby teeth or if God blessed Dizzy with an extra fang. Regardless, he can knock out corn-on-the-cob like a beaver going through pine.  He doesn't like to anyone to touch his head either, so fair warning.

Here he is hanging out with his little-big brother Pinky.  This is a rare moment as they don't normally sit this close together.  Pinky likes his space and Dizzy also seems to like Pinky's space.  These dogs are like night and day but deep down they love each other even though  Pinky won't ever admit it.  Dizzy is always nipping him on the butt with that extra fang.

Here I am wrestling with Dizzy trying to tire him out a bit so he will go to sleep.  This dog has more energy than I've ever seen.  If I could only figure out how to get him on a bike.  His favorite games are Ruffhousing (get it?) and Glove.  What the heck is Glove you ask?  Its where I put on a big welders glove to protect my hand and I let Dizzy attack me.  He loves it and never seems to get enough of The Glove!  Thanks for checking things out and once again thanks to whoever took all these photos.  Love ya.  Peace.

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